Earthing, Lightning & Surge Protection Conference

WAPP is proud to be a sponsor at the upcoming Earthing, Lightning & Surge Protection conference in Perth on the 9th and 10th of April.

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The usual marketing line of, “Great line up of speakers” is often overused and misused. However, in this case, the last time Phil Jones (Principal Engineer, ERICO) presented recently at the Engineers Australia auditorium in Perth, it was to a pack audience who stayed back for more discussions long after the presentation ended.

Few topics generate as much controversy and debate as that of earthing and the associated topics of surge protection, shielding and lightning protection of electrical and electronic systems. Poor earthing practices can be the cause of continual and intermittent difficult-to-diagnose problems in a facility. This seminar will explore these issues from a fresh yet practical perspective to help delegates reduce expensive downtime in their plant and/or equipment by identifying the correct application of these principles. Based on reported fatalities on a long-term average basis, lightning is often considered the second most dangerous of all natural phenomena (the first being flash floods).

Lightning can cause extensive damage when it strikes buildings and facilities. Electrical systems are exposed frequently to lightning induced surges and the effects may be felt in locations that are several miles away from the actual point of strike. The aim of this seminar is to demystify the subject of earthing, lightning and surge protection and present the subject in a clear, straightforward manner. Earthing as a subject has been underrepresented over the years and this event will attempt to remedy the gaps in technical knowledge and improve practices in the industry.

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